AUSCMI Webinar 2022 (3) - Models as decision tools
Presented on Aug 30, 2022
Australian COVID-19 Modelling Initiative (AUSCMI) Webinar: featuring presentations of recent COVID-19 modelling research undertaken by its members.


  • 11:00am - Welcome
  • 11:00am - Presentation 1: "Optimising Cost-effectiveness of Pandemic Response under Partial Intervention Measures" - Mikhail Prokopenko, University of Sydney.
  • 11:15am - Presentation 2: "An Integrated Epidemiologic and Economic Model to Assess Optimal COVID-19 Pandemic Policy in Victoria." - Joshua Szanyi, University of Melbourne.
  • 11:30am - Presentation 3: "Estimating the Impact of School Closures on COVID-19 Disease Burden." - Romain Ragonnet, Monash University.
  • 11:45am - Presentation 4: "Lives Saved by Public Health Restrictions Over the Victorian COVID-19 Delta Variant Epidemic Wave, Aug-Oct 2021." - Dominic Delport, Burnet Institute.
  • 12:00pm - Q & A, followed by closing remarks from Emma McBryde, James Cook University.